BKR 23: Happy Little Fatties

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Latest Podcast from Bristol Kitchen Radio

With Kate Stables of This Is The Kit and Jesse D. Vernon of The Fantasy Orchestra.

In this episode the conversation takes us through life in Paris, Kate’s favourite chords, the mysterious disappearance of Connie Converse, Paul becomes Jim Morrison (just for a few seconds)
and we see ocean liners and ribbons from inside Kate’s brain book.

Jesse decided that if he wanted to play Spaghetti Western soundtracks he would need to form a big band, so in true Bristol fashion he formed The Fantasy Orchestra. He likes the idea of bringing together people who think they can’t do things with people who think they can do things. He talks about performing Bowie in the Bristol City Museum and having to plant performers in an audience in Paris.

If you live in Bristol, Paris or Jersey and have always wanted to be in a band that plays the music of Ennio Morricone, you can find out how.

Kate and Jesse pick up a couple of our guitars and perform, quite magnificently, ‘One By One’ by Connie Converse and ‘The Nits Song’ by This Is The Kit.


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