BKR 5 : The Two Johnnies (Dance Music and Pervasive Media)

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We had been thinking about talking to these two on separate shows, but when we found out that Jonathan Dovey, of Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio, and Jonathan Coles, aka DJ Dad, were old friends we just had to invite them round at the same time.

Ellen and Vic know people who like dance music, they even have friends who are DJs. A conversation with Ellen’s brother, DJ Gus Pirelli, about why he likes dance music inspired them to invite  DJ Dad into the kitchen to give us a rough guide.

So here we are: dance music de-mystified. DJ Dad takes us on a musical journey from Northern Soul to Bristol Dubstep. He plays music from  Dub From Atlantis (thanks to Stevie Bear)

Professor Jonathan Dovey starts the show by telling us how artists use technology to make magic and enthuses on the fundamental importance of play. Live in the kitchen, Paul Bradley performs pieces he composed for the Blake Diptych recently toured by the Fleur Darkin Company.

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