The World’s First Transatlantic Kitchen Dance Party

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BKR and Newfoundland’s Weekend Arts Magazine (WAM), a radio show on Newfoundland’s NL, are to co-host, live on air, the worlds first ever transatlantic Kitchen Dance Party. Live music and dancing simulcasted between our kitchen in Bristol and the WAM studio in Canada.
UPDATE our 30th November simulcast with CBC NL can be watched again HERE
This is part of BKR’s attempt to get 2,000 people dancing the same steps to the same music in kitchens across the UK and the world. The deadline is 15th December. So get dancing!



One Response to “The World’s First Transatlantic Kitchen Dance Party”

  1. Lyssa Randolph

    That sounds like a lot of fun! What a collaboration!
    hope you got our video clip…


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